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You’ve made commitments.  We help ensure you meet them.


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You have a backlog a mile long, and the pace of change requests coming from your business customers show no sign of slackening.  Whether it’s the development or configuration of existing systems, we can provide you the resources you need to ensure you deliver on your promises.


Your business customers ask for a lot.  We make it easy to say, “Yes”.


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Competitive advantage lies in the fringes between your core systems.  Whether you want to better integrate your policy admin system to your CRM, introduce robotics automation to process loss runs, find a better way for agents to collaborate with underwriters during the quoting process, or something else entirely, we can help. 

Buy what tools you can, let us build what you can’t.



Forget the hype.  We enable you to be your own insurtech firm. 


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Innovation doesn’t require partnering with industry outsider startups. It doesn’t need to involve a room full of suits who want to tear apart everything you’ve built, and it certainly doesn’t require a huge investment of time and money.

You pick the good idea and let us figure out the best technologies and methodologies required to implement it quickly and inexpensively.

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Tired of wrestling with expensive sales tools not built for insurance?  Wondering why you’re not converting more of what you’re quoting?  



We’re working on a solution.

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About Us

With extensive expertise in P&C insurance across both broker and carrier spaces, US admitted and specialty markets, London markets, reinsurance and beyond, we understand how to build technology solutions that create overall value for carriers and MGAs.  No matter what you’re doing in the industry, chances are we’ve seen it before and can help you be better. 

Luke Magnan

Luke Magnan

Nearly two decades spent focusing on insurance carriers’ technology and how it can be used to improve their business.  Held positions at insurance carriers, insurance software vendors, and as a consultant. 

Vitaly Sergeev

Vitaly Sergeev

20 years managing highly-skilled teams delivering insurance technology projects. Deep expertise in specialty insurance including international programs and the London market.  A veteran of untold numbers of successful projects at dozens of insurance carriers. 

Dmitry Zhgarev

Dmitry Zhgarev

Over ten years architecting cutting-end technological solutions for insurance carriers.  An expert in delivering elegant, bullet-proof systems that scale up and scale out easily.  

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