Combined Ratio Solutions Will Help You

Grow Premium

Expand your channel strategy

Bring new products to market 

Combined Ratio Solutions Will Help You

Manage Losses

Easily administer your ceded reinsurance strategy

Deploy AI-based underwriting models

Combined Ratio Solutions Will Help You

Reduce Expenses

Leverage solutions whose TCO makes sense for your business case 

Bring in the right skillsets your organization needs for the right rates

Combined Ratio Solutions

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What We Do

Helping to grow premium, manage losses, and reduce expenses 


Broker Portals

Brokers place more business with carriers that allow them to submit, quote, and issue policies themselves.  Marrying a modern, efficient user experience with rock-solid underwriting and comprehensive rating and policy production, we can help streamline your broker channel, allowing them to increase their speed to quote.  Allowing brokers to then service those policies helps control expense and increase satisfaction. 

Ceded Reinsurance

Ceding is necessary, but rarely glamorous.  Plugging away in the deepest regions of your back-office, your outwards strategy is often being managed by woefully out of date systems providing little intelligence or, perish the thought, spreadsheets.  Let us help you drive efficiencies to lower your expenses while finding additional recoverables to manage your losses.  We refer to it as "the easiest business case you'll ever write".

Consumer Portals

Giving consumers the ability to quote and purchase their own insurance policies is easy.  Doing it in such a way that makes the experience easy and intuitive to the consumer, while protecting your underwriting standards is a different story.  Doing all that in a cost-effective manner within a timeline that make sense?  That's the difference between success and failure for the direct-to-consumer business case.  

London Market

Navigating the vagaries and processes of the London Market is complicated enough, but automating the process, by comparison, can resemble a byzantine nightmare.  Leveraging years of experience with Lloyd's and the London Market, let us help you implement the technology you need to swim in Coverholder waters.

Lightweight Policy Administration

Sometimes you need to roll a new product out to market, but you need it faster and cheaper than what it would take to modify your monolithic in-place policy administration system.  Or maybe you don't have a policy administration system and you're looking for something to automate the quote and policy lifecycles without investing millions of dollars and a year and a half of your life.  Give "lightweight" a try.  

Vendor and Program Management

Software selection is the easy part.  Implementing that software successfully, on time, and within budget is a different kettle of fish.  With dozens of years in the insurance technology vendor space, we have a unique (and effective) methodology on the best way to manage vendors to ensure that their interests and actions are aligned with your own.  We will de-risk vendor software implementations and ensure that everyone's fortunes rise and fall on your ultimate business success.

Artificial Intelligence

You have lots and lots of data, it's time to put it to work.  Whether you're creating predictive underwriting models, advanced fraud detection, or dynamic chat-bots, our team of data scientists and AI experts can help turn the data that you've spent years collecting into an asset that helps set you apart from your competition. 

Who We Are

“The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.”

-J. Paul Getty

The corollary to the above quote is true as well, employers don’t get to keep the employees that they no longer deserve. Combined Ratio Solutions was founded on that sentiment. A group of high performing individuals banded together and escaped a company that had quickly become too big to ever possibly succeed. Escaping the Frankenstein’s monster they found themselves working for, they brought with them a wealth of expertise around global insurance technology and set out into a brave new world, dedicated to providing the best possible technical service to the insurance world at large.

We Know P&C Insurance

With extensive expertise in P&C insurance across the broker space, US admitted and specialty markets, London markets, and beyond, we understand how to create technology solutions that create overall value for carriers and MGAs.  No matter what you're doing in the industry, chances are we've seen it before and can help you be better. 

We Know Technology

We've seen the tech trends come and go, and have a pragmatic approach on what bleeding edge technologies can actually help your bottom line, and what is just hype.  We've built a team that believes the best user interfaces are invisible, the cloud helps customers save time and money, and artifical intelligence and machine learning are going to transform our industry, and we've staffed around those skills.  

We Understand the Value of Partnership

Partnership means working collaboratively to determine the true scope of a project and its real potential. We deal in dialogue: listening, understanding, and responding to the challenges you face, while matching them to the solutions we offer. Ultimately, we help you re-frame your current objectives and uncover new ones — both short- and long-term. Then we dig in and start the journey forward. Together.

We Think There's a Better Way

The industry is full of amazing stories of P&C IT organizations completely transforming their systems and operations, creating a technological paradise. Plenty of consultancies and vendors will happily sell you on multi-year, quarter-of-a-billion- dollar plans to do the same. That’s not what we do. We want to offer bottom-line value that compliments existing IT portfolios, not disrupt them. Our goal is always to realize real business value as quickly and painlessly as possible, and we believe that can be done much quicker and less expensive than the rest of the industry will tell you.  

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